Weddings at Precious Blood

     Your wedding ceremony at Precious Blood Catholic Church is a Christian wedding. As such it is primarily a public and Christ-centered act of worship in which you express your relationship to Christ, to the Christian community and to one another. You will want to make this ceremony as beautiful and meaningful as possible.

     Before making other arrangements, contact the rectory at least six months prior to your wedding date. The rectory number is 540-825-8945.

     Weddings are scheduled on Saturdays (no Sunday celebrations) at 12 PM or 2 PM.   


Please click the link below to read additional guidelines for weddings at Precious Blood.  

Everything you need to know about planning a Catholic Wedding: For Your Marriage. This is from the USCCB site.



     The diocese of Arlington is now offering on-line registration for Conference for the Engaged. Couples can register by going to There are many different options to choose. 

If you or any couples preparing for marriage have questions, please contact the Office for Family Life at 703-841-2550.



     A wedding coordinator is required to assist you in all our preparations and to ensure the smooth flow of your rehearsal and wedding ceremony.Our wedding coordinators are:

Mrs. Kim Shrader (703-725-0444)

Mrs. Peggy Young (703-217-9049)

Mrs. Sandy Hall (540-547-2969) (SUBSTITUTE)

Mrs. Laura Power (703-409-0353) (SUBSTITUTE)

The usual and customary fee for wedding coordinators is $100.00.



     Your wedding ceremony is an official liturgical celebration; music selections need to be religious in nature. Favorite secular songs of the bride and/or groom make wonderful additions to the reception.

     Please contact our Director of Music Mrs. Hannah Masson (540-825-9650) or for assistance in selecting instrumental and vocal music for your ceremony at least 3 months prior to your wedding.

     The usual and customary fee for the organist is $150. The Music Director MUST be contacted at lease 3 months in advance. If there is only a  2 month notice the cost will be $200. If the music director is contacted a month or less of the date, the cost will be $250 and subject to availability.

     A cantor or soloist is needed for either a wedding Mass or wedding service outside of Mass to lead the responsorial and the gospel acclamation and to offer or lead any hymns or meditations before and during the ceremony. The usual and customary fee for a soloist is $100.

Our usual soloists are:

Rosemary Kresslein (703-472-3102) 

Monica Neighbors (540-547-4678)

Catherine Ter Weele (540-272-4828)

David Watson (540) 829-0197 

Bobby Terry (540-547-3323) 

If you wish to have a guest soloist, organist, a regular Sunday cantor not listed below or other instrumentation, please inquire or arrange through Hannah.



     The readings at a Catholic wedding liturgy are a proclamation of God's Word and of the Church's faith about marriage. For this reason, they are limited to readings from the scriptures. There are nine options for the Old Testament Reading, thirteen options from the New Testament and ten choices for the Gospel. Please choose one from each category.

     You may find it helpful to reflect prayerfully on each reading and to choose those that speak to your hopes and dreams for your Christian marriage. 



     All flowers used on the altar must be fresh. If your wish to donate your flowers to the church, they will be greatly appreciated for use at the weekend masses following your wedding. Please inform the rectory office (825-8945) of this donation at least a week before your wedding. There to be no flowers dropped along the aisle by a flower girl or other.



     We suggest that one photographer/videographer take pictures during the ceremony, but we ask that he/she not interfere with the service. Your wedding coordinator can open the balcony area for use, if desired. Group pictures should be taken before or after the ceremony.



     We respectfully ask that you do not use the following during or after your ceremony:

     An aisle runner

     Bunting of any kind

     Throwing of rice or bird seed or flowers either in the church or outside



     We rejoice with each wedding that is celebrated within our walls and our community.  Your love and commitment to each other reminds us of God's love and commitment to us, His church. It is our hope that your celebration truly be a sacrament--a visible, tangible sign of the presence and love of our Lord--to all who share in your celebration.

.If you have any further questions, please contact the rectory office at 540-825-8945.