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Advent Prayer Challenge

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

The Legion of Mary would like to invite you to join in a 27-day prayer challenge during Advent 2022 on the #1 Catholic Meditation and Prayer app called Hallow beginning on Tuesday, November 29. Download the Hallow app or use their website -----

On your phone:

Download the Hallow app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

On your computer:

Access the Hallow website at

If you are new to Hallow, go here for the free version with an option to subscribe: and see if you can access the Advent #Pray25 prayer challenge.

Or, sign up for the Prayer Challenge here:

Each day's meditation can be accessed on your phone or computer at a time and place convenient to you, while knowing that your Sisters and Brothers in the Legion of Mary (along with over 70,000 other Catholics already signed up!) are united in prayer with you that day.

"God has been at work in our world since the beginning of time. And He’s at work in our lives today, calling us today. Our Advent #Pray25 prayer challenge will help you listen to God’s call today, in 2022, the same way God has called His chosen people for centuries. Join #Pray25 and pray with Hallow this Advent!"

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