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St. Joseph's Table Ministry

Our Parish's Food Pantry, Saint Joseph's Table, provides food for families in need due to financial hardship. St. Josephs Table operates out of the Old Rectory, on the corner of Main and East Edmondson Street. It is open Wednesdays 4-6 PM.

St. Joseph's Table Update
Updated: November 13, 2023

Thank you for your generosity!

Help for Wednesdays and Saturdays:  SJT is in need of bilingual volunteers that are willing to provide assistance during the 2-3 hours that SJT is open on Wednesday afternoons. The team member will help in any of the following: direct traffic on Edmondson Street, prepare food boxes, prepare bags of perishable food, carry food boxes and bags to the client’s cars, etc.  If interested, please contact Daniel via email to 

SJT is in need of perishable and non-perishable food items.  

Non-perishable items: Baby items: Diaper size newborn, 5, 6 and 7, wipes, formula (Similac - blue). Toiletries - toothbrushes, deodorants, shower gel/body wash, shampoo, etc.  Note that the sizes that best work for SJT to give are the small sizes that are sold in any Dollar Store/Tree.  

Non-perishable food: Condiments - Ketchup, Mustard (Basic, not fancy options), Mayonnaise (basic, not olive oil or other versions), salt, sugar, black pepper. Ideal size are those sold at the Dollar stores. Shelf-safe microwavable food (for clients staying in the hotel and thus only have a microwave). Single serving sizes are ideal.

Perishable food:  Please DO NOT leave perishable food in the bin in the PBCC foyer.  It is NOT checked every day!  Deliver perishable food to SJT (door closest to the driveway) at 3:30 pm on Wednesdays. 

Drop Off Places for Donations:

NON PERISHABLE ITEMS: go into the wooden bin in the foyer.


PERISHABLE ITEMS: If donated, we give perishable food like milk, eggs, cheese (cheddar and queso), frozen meat, bread, tortillas, fresh vegetables, and fruits. 


FOR PERISHABLE ITEMS: please arrange to have them dropped off at the SJT location between 3:30 and 4:00 PM on Wednesdays. 

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