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The History of Precious Blood

1868 - First services held in Green’s Hall, corner of Main and Davis Streets. Services held about once per month.


1879 – Land was bought for the church from Ms. Mary and Ms. Betty Kirkman for $400. Following the death of the two Kirkman sisters, they were buried in vaults behind the old Church. When the new Church was built, the vaults were removed and re-interred on the southeast side of the present church. Their headstones may be seen there today near the fountain courtyard.


1880 – July 4 Cornerstone laid by Bishop J. Keane.

1880 - 20 families registered at Precious Blood.


1880 – 1890 Precious Blood was a Mission of Warrenton.


1890 – 1898 Precious Blood became a Mission of All Saints Church, Manassas.


1898 – 1922 Precious Blood was a Mission of Holy Comforter, Charlottesville.


1922 – 1946 Mission of Warrenton. 


1946 - On November 15 Precious Blood was established as independent parish with missions pf St. John in Orange and St. Mark of Gordonsville. Father Maurice du Castillon, C.I.C.M. appointed as our first pastor with Father Andrew Taillieu, C.I.C.M. as his assistant. Precious Blood had 39 registered families.


1947 – September 1st Father Maurice du Castillon, C.I.C.M. recalled by the General Chapter of his Society in Belgium to resume his teaching career. He was succeeded by Father Andrew Taillieu, C.I.C.M., at his request.


1949 – George Robson started building the Rectory. The cornerstone was laid on July 24 and the Rectory was dedicated on November 20 by Reverend Edward L. Stevens, Dean of our Deanery of Alexandria. The project cost $15,164.26.


1954 – The Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes was built by Father Andrew Taillieu, C.I.C.M., pastor of Precious Blood and Father Paul Van Wassenhove, C.I.C.M. in the summer of 1954. It was dedicated by Bishop Joseph H. Hodges on October 3, 1954. The funds were raised through contributions from the Precious Blood congregation.

1954 - In December, Father Andrew Taillieu, C.I.C.M., was transferred to Detroit. Father John Jansen, C.I.C.M, assumed charge of the parish.


1955 – Father Maurice du Castillon, C.I.C.M. returned to Precious Blood on September 23.


1957 – Parish Hall, which was the Gospel Tabernacle, a Protestant denomination, was purchased from the minister, Rev. Paul Boyce in August for $15,000.


1967 – September 21, Precious Blood Parish bought 53 acres of land in Catalpa for $65,000 with building a  future Church in mind.

1969 – December 9, Precious Blood purchased the Old Culpeper Terrace Motel which was located next to the Church, and included another house for $45,000. These properties were purchased from Mrs. H.B. Lacy. Sunday School was started in the new place December 14. 


1969 - Precious Blood had 135 registered families.


1974 – July 29, the Nelson property on Edmondson Street was purchased for $15,000.


1974 - The new Diocese of Arlington was formed August 13 His Excellency Bishop Thomas J. Welsh was appointed first bishop of the Diocese.


1977 – Father Maurice du Castillon, C.I.C.M., celebrated his Golden Jubilee as a priest.


1979 – Father Maurice du Castillon, C.I.C.M., leaves Precious Blood after 25 years of service and Father Leo Zonneveld C.I.C.M. was appointed as pastor.


1980 – Precious Blood had its Centennial celebration with His Excellency Thomas J. Welsh, D.D., J.D.C., 1st Bishop of Arlington, as the main celebrant. A three year pledge program began for a new Church, Parish Hall, and C.C.D. facilities.


1980 there were approximately 300 families registered at Precious Blood.


1981 – Father Leo requests a Precious Blood Parish song to be written for the Mass of Dedication for the new church.  Ginny Ferlazzo composed the Parish Song.


1982 - The Catalpa property was sold to the Arlington Diocese for $75,000 to help with funding of the new Parish Hall-CCD building and church building.


1983 – The new Church of Precious Blood was dedicated by His Excellency John Richard Keating, D.D., J.C.D., Bishop of Arlington, on August 15, his first official act as our new Bishop.


1987 – Father Maurice du Castillon celebrated his sixtieth (60th) anniversary as a priest, along with St. Peter’s Church of Washington.


1989 – Second three year pledge program started to build Rectory Parish Office and additional parking.


1990 – Father Maurice du Castillon, C.I.C.M. died on November 15, 1990.


1991 – Rectory, parish office, and additional parking areas completed.


1992 – Weeping crucifix installed.


1993 – CYO members attended "World Youth Day” in Denver with Pope John Paul II.


1996 - Precious Blood Celebrated 50 years as a parish.


1999 - The Diocese of Arlington purchased 22 acres of land off route 299 with the future expansion of Epiphany School in mind. 


2006 - The H&R Block building on East Street (Now Precious Blood Annex) was purchased to provide more classroom space and parking. 


2008 – Precious Blood has 1068 registered families and over 3000 Catholics in our Parish.

2008 – In July Father Leo Zonneveld, C.I.C.M., celebrated his Golden Jubilee (50 years) of serving the priesthood and twenty-nine years as Pastor of Precious Blood.


2012 - Father Leo Zonneveld retired from Precious Blood in July


2012 - Father Anselme Malonda, CICM was appointed as Pastor of Precious Blood 


2016 - Father Kevin Walsh was appointed as Pastor of Precious Blood with Father Mark Moretti as the Parochial Vicar

2018 - Father Augustine Tran was appointed the Parochial Vicar of Precious Blood.

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