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FORMED.ORG Pick of the Week

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Join Dr. Tim Gray in this powerful fourteen-part series to discover the Gospel of Mark like never before. Immerse yourself in this action-packed Gospel that offers Saint Peter's account of Christ's life and teaching. Combining the insights of Dr. Tim Gray with the masterful artistry of the Augustine Institute, this Lectio series uses the Church's rich tradition of Lectio Divina to help you better understand and better pray with the Gospel of Mark.

Saint Day: April 25: Mark was a skilled painter of word pictures. With one stroke he frequently enhances a familiar scene, shedding upon it new light. His Gospel is the "Gospel of Peter," for he wrote it under the direction and with the aid of the prince of the apostles. "The Evangelist Mark is represented as a lion because he begins his Gospel in the wilderness, `The voice of one crying in the desert: Make ready the way of the Lord,' or because he presents the Lord as the unconquered King."

Checkout this series and many other Catholic Resources at which is free for our Parishoners. Create an account using our Parish Code V2XJNR.

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