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Offertory Program

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Commitment Weekend for Parish Offertory Program

This coming weekend, November 19/20, we will conduct the in-pew process for the parish Offertory Program.

There will be envelopes available in each pew that contain a Commitment Card and a pencil. You will be asked to reflect on the amount that you will commit to the parish in the coming year.

Ushers will be available to collect the completed Commitment Cards.

You may also return your card via mail, bring it to the Rectory Office or drop it in the designated box located in the vestibule. You may also visit our Parish Faith Direct to enroll online.

If you prefer, you may also select the following file, print/complete at home, and return it to the parish in one of the ways listed above.

Offertory Program Commitment Card
Download PDF • 172KB

Please prayerfully reflect on the following questions:

1. Do I understand that as a Catholic, I have an obligation to provide regular financial

support to the parish?

2. Where does the parish fit relative to the other ways that I spend my money?

3. How much do I give to the parish on a weekly basis?

(If you give monthly or quarterly, calculate your weekly commitment to put it in


4. Is the amount I give to the church each week an appropriate amount in

relation to the gifts that God has given me?

5. If I am not at the parish for one or more Sundays, do I make up the amount that I

have not given?

7. How much will I give each week to my parish during the coming year?

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