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Pastor's Corner 6/30/19

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you to our volunteers of all ages, for your service this past year. We hope you enjoyed the thank-you events we had over the last two weeks: the roller-skating party and beach-themed dinner. We, as a parish, are very appreciative of all you do and look forward to working with you in the future!

Thank you, also, to all who helped make the annual Corpus Christi procession successful this past weekend! God graced us with beautiful weather, wonderful music, and decorative altars for our four cardinal-point blessings! Special thanks to: Julie Canavan, Thelma and Vladimir Gonzalez, Mirella Blanco, Lourdes Herrera, Ana Mendez, Rosa Deysi Najarro, Monica Chavez, Rene and Dora Castro, John Priebe, Nat and Miriam Medina, Bobby and Rick Terry, Peggy Young, Debbie Buttenshaw, the Hope Family, Pauline Roesch, Regina Coleman, John Flemming, Manuel Casillas, Christian Herrera, the altar servers, flower girls, and banner carriers leading the way!

Our parish feast day of the Most Precious Blood of Christ, previously celebrated on July 1 or the first Sunday of July prior to 1970, will be celebrated by our Parish on July 6 and July 7 after all the Masses with an ice-cream social in the Parish Hall. I hope you will be able to stop by and enjoy some ice cream and fellowship.

We have currently raised $47,894 toward the goal of $50,000 for a second parish school activity bus. This leaves us with $2,106 that we still hope to raise. Thank you to all who have supported this dream of parish and school transportation for the upcoming fall!

Of these donations, $1400 came in since Bishop Burbidge told us he would donate a matching donation for the bus, with any additional funds (after paying for fees, etc.) going toward subsidies to help needy students ride the bus, and also toward scholarships to attend the school. That means we have $8600 more to go for the Bishop’s $10,000 matching donation. Thank you so much Bishop Burbidge!

I would also like to thank the generosity of those who have contributed to the Help Joshua Fund. As of this writing, $19,930 has been raised, of which $2,279.99 has been disbursed as reimbursements for medical expenses. If you would like to write a check to contribute, please make it out to Precious Blood Church.

Please visit the U.S. Catholic Bishops’ website at for a recap of Religious Freedom Week during this upcoming week which includes our Independence Day celebrated in the United States.

Vacation Bible Camp is coming in July. It will begin on Sunday July 21 (from 5:30 to 8:30 PM) and continue till Thursday, July 25. Under the direction of Karen Kulivan and Whitney Edwards, again this year, the children will be able to participate in: Totally Catholic: ROAR! Life is Wild,

God is Good! See the bulletin below for upcoming details and volunteering opportunities.

God bless,

Fr. Kevin

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