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Pastor's Letter 3/29

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today is the Fifth Sunday of Lent, previously called Passion Sunday. It is the Sunday before Palm Sunday, and begins a time known as Passiontide. This would normally be the Sunday of the Third Scrutiny for the Elect (the Catechumens preparing for Baptism). Since we are not having public Masses, please continue to pray for them.

Let us continue to remember and pray for those who are affected by Covid-19: either those who have become sick from it or those who take care of them, but also the many more people who are suffering collateral damage, especially those who are losing their jobs due to the consequences of the social distancing policies that are being followed. As more people are being adversely affected economically, that is an opportunity for charity and mercy for others. There will certainly be many ways to give alms in the coming days. If you would like to donate anything to help people in our parish who are struggling financially, please stop by the parish office.

We do ask that visitors observe the social distancing and that our preference is to hear from you via phone. We are staffing minimally so that we can address questions, Mass intentions, and any other concerns you might have, especially, sacramentally. We continue to pray for healing, peace, and trust in the Lord as our Divine Healer.

Always check the website for new events that will be live streamed at

Also, please read the bulletin for updates on ministry activities; some of the bible studies have online access; others may meet by Zoom chat!

As public Masses have stopped, our income has dropped dramatically, but we still have to make payroll for our employees. We would like to encourage you to consider signing up for FaithDirect for ease of maintaining offertory contributions. There is a nice video describing how it all works on their website. It is secure, gives you peace of mind, and they provide excellent customer service via email, online, video chat, and phone call. Please contact FaithDirect at or 1-866-507- 8757 with any questions or regarding how to enroll. Our parish code is: VA226 to get started. If you do not wish to use FaithDirect, please continue your offertory via mail. Our address is: 114 E. Edmondson St., Culpeper, VA 22701.

Given that school is canceled for the rest of the school year, our CCD classes are also canceled, though catechists are trying to communicate with projects online. On that note, we are still looking for eight new catechists or assistants to help with our catechetical (CCD) program next year. Please contact Kelly Wilton, our Director of Religious Education (DRE) in the CCD office if you are willing to help out.

As we prepare for the next CCD year of faith formation, we will be offering a three-year Confirmation preparation program, beginning in the sixth grade. CCD registration has begun. Forms are available in the both the CCD office and the rectory office. Please note we will have an early-bird registration until May 17. During this time the discounted fees will be $60 for the first child, $50 for the second and $40 for the third. Any child beyond three children is free. This fee has not increased for three years.

May 18 begins our regular registration, when the fees will be $80 for the first child, $70 for the second child and $60 for the third child. Regular registration ends on June 30. As of July 1, there will be a late fee for registration. At that point the fee will total $100 for the first child, $90 for the second child and $80 for the third child. Registration for next year will end on August 16. We need to organize teachers and classrooms and order textbooks before the end of June. I strongly encourage you to register early and take advantage of the early-bird discount. The CCD program is subsidized, and the fees do not cover all of the costs of our staff. We estimate that the cost per student will actually be $121.62 next year; the parish will cover what the fees do not.

The 2020 Bishop’s Lenten Appeal (BLA) has begun. The BLA supports many different organizations and ministries in our diocese. Please consider supporting the BLA if you have not done so already.


Fr. Kevin

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